Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Prescription Digital Therapeutics (DTx)


Improve Patient Health Outcomes With Behavioral Economics


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Embrace the digital technology to provide beyond-the-pill
solutions that deliver real value to the patients

“Beyond The Pill


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Bring true effectiveness to physician marketing in the post COVID era

Reshaping Your Healthcare
Professional Needs

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Unleash the power of Virtual MR and Digital Medical Affairs

"Revolutionise Your New Product Launch"

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We help clients to enhance the ‘patient experience’

  • What happened to your patients between those irregular appointments?

  • Were they aware of PSPs sponsored by pharmaceutical company?

  • Why did they disappear off the radar for a year?

  • Why did they give up taking their medication after only three months?

We help our clients to understand what lies at the center of healthcare – The Patients!


"Publication under peer review" Patients who were prescribed KYT Adhere mobile app for 3 months showed improved medication adherence by 22.9%. They further showed significant reduction in HbA1c at the end of study period by 1.2% as compared to control group. The behavioural modification induced via app in these patients is for real.

Dr. Tejas Kamat

Diabetes Care Clinic. Goa

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The clinical practice environment has been completely disrupted after the COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays, the needs of the patients are totally different: they are increasingly looking for digital platforms for interacting with their healthcare providers. Likewise, the healthcare providers’ needs are also changing: they are also adopting digital medicine, and face-to-face interactions are dwindling.


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